Salt Lake County Supports
Danielle Ahn!


Broad Support for Danielle Ahn

Sean Reyes - Utah Attorney General

“I am impressed by Danielle Ahn's passion for victim's rights, prosecution without politics, and support for our law enforcement. She is a committed partner in my efforts to increase public safety in Utah. I gladly endorse her for Salt Lake County District Attorney”

Spencer Cox - Utah Governor

“I support Danielle Ahn in her efforts to bring more accountability and transparency to the position of Salt Lake County District Attorney. Criminals, especially violent criminals, must be brought to justice in order to protect Utah communities. I offer my full support for candidates like Danielle who will lead by example in faithfully executing the law”

Trent Staggs - Riverton Mayor

“Another example of a huge problem in the SL County DA's office. We've had issues as well with our Riverton cases - many being declined and one in particular that involves a felony enticement of a minor that's taken a year to even have them file! Absolutely inexcusable. It's time for change: Vote Danielle Ahn for Salt Lake County District Attorney”

Utah Fraternal Order of Police

"The Utah Fraternal Order of Police announces our endorsement of Danielle Ahn for the District Attorney of Salt Lake County. Danielle has shown her willingness to engage in law enforcement issues and we applaud her support in learning the difficulties we face. We appreciate her support and willingness to lead through very difficult times and we now stand with her in her bid to run the broken Office of the District Attorney and turn it around, focusing on public safety rather than poor ideology and inaction. We look forward to continuing to work with her on solutions to keep the community safe and enhance the relationship with law enforcement that has been destroyed by the current DA. The Utah FOP is the largest law enforcement organization in the state, representing 4,700 Utah officers."
Brent Jex, President, Utah Fraternal Order of Police

The Salt Lake Police Association

"The Salt Lake Police Association is pleased to announce our endorsement of Danielle Ahn for the District Attorney of Salt Lake County. Over the last decade Salt Lake City has been the epicenter of the broken policies pushed by the current DA. The officers of Salt Lake City have watched their hard work and efforts evaporate as cases are pled down, diverted, or flat out declined. We have watched victim after victim left behind as the DA’s actions allow violent and repeat offenders to go free to further damage our community. We are in desperate need of change. Danielle’s plan to fix the problems created by our current DA is realistic and attainable. This city and county are in dire need of help. Her vision to repair and rebuild the Attorney’s Office to what it should be is shared by the Police Association and its Members. The Salt Lake Police Association is committed to do our part in making sure the citizens of Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County can live in a free and safe society. We understand the need to have a District Attorney that is willing to work with law enforcement while also maintaining and protecting the rights of citizens. We believe Danielle Ahn can do this. We further believe that Danielle has the courage, ability, and determination to lead the District Attorney’s office the way it should be led, with equity and justice."

Republican Women Lead

“Republican Women Lead is pleased to endorse Danielle Ahn in her run for Salt Lake County District Attorney.”

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